There are so many business opportunities out there, sometimes it is difficult to know where to start. Where do you want to be and how will you get there are the toughest questions. It is easy to avoid these areas as new priorities, ‘real’ work and clients take up all the available time.

Building Marketing Business (BMB) continues to expand the business opportunities for SME’s across the UK and Europe. We reduce the stress of developing strategies, finding targets, approaching prospects and converting opportunities. We work with you to create the best strategy to grow your business.

Combining your experience, the BMB in-house database and our extensive network of personal contacts we will :

• Identify the greatest opportunities for your business
• Create a stretching achievable strategy
• Develop a script focusing on your USP’s
• Make contact with each target to promote your business
• Deliver activities, meetings and maximise your potential

Our contacts in the marketing industry are legendary and we will work with you, (as a virtual sales department) to provide a continuous stream of new prospects, meetings and business opportunities. Whether this is for existing services, latest projects or branching into new markets we’ve seen it before and have the contacts.

This outsourcing approach is the most cost effective option to secure your business in a highly competitive industry. BMB offers the modern way to have your own flexible, focused and successful business development department.