Building Marketing Business Ltd (BMB) is a business growth agency focused on expanding your revenue through introducing you to new clients.

Our professional team works alongside senior management acting virtually, to generate new business opportunities with positive ROI every time.

BMB has been partnering our customers, delivering dynamic, end-to-end solutions for more than 3 decades.

Our staff are all researchers and know the industry as well as anyone.  We deliver complete new business solutions for agencies, working in consumer and B2B sectors across the UK, Europe and globally.

The team works with agencies who provide qual/quant, online/offline and ad hoc/continuous methodologies.  Our clients deliver the widest selection of multi-disciplinary, specialist services including mobile, video, IT providers, field, DP and shopper solutions.

The flexible, outsourced services are adaptable to organisations of all sizes, from small ad hoc consultancies, SME’s to global consumer researchers like TNS and Nielsen.